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Our company is a manufacturer of customized packaging plastic products with more than ten years of industry experience, mainly producing VCI anti-rust bags, VCI anti-rust boxes, VCI anti-rust paper, EPE pearl cotton, PE packaging.
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How to store and keep VCI products

Anti-rust products need to be sealed and packaged, and should not be in contact with air, which will affect the anti-rust effect;

What material is the VCI anti-rust plastic film made of

The base material is LDPE, which is low-density polyethylene, the VCI masterbatch added in the film blowing process, as well as color masterbatch, additives, etc.

Research progress and application of vapor phase corrosion inhibitor

Vapor phase corrosion inhibitor is a new anti-rust material that appeared in the 1940s and was originally used for the protection of ordnance equipment. Because the vapor phase corrosion inhibitor has the characteristics of convenient use, high efficiency, not restricted by the shape of the object, and long protection period, it has been studied a lot and developed very fast. It has become one of the main materials to prevent atmospheric corrosion of metals. Vapor phase corrosion inhibitor is a compound of one or several chemical substances. It only needs to be placed near the metal object and reach the metal surface through volatilization or sublimation, thereby forming a protective film to prevent corrosion of the metal surface. Saturated vapor pressure is generally used to measure its volatility. The saturated vapor pressure of vapor phase corrosion inhibitors is generally 0.0133~133.332 Pa. If the saturated vapor pressure of the vapor phase corrosion inhibitor is too large and the volatilization is fast, the anti-rust period is short; the saturated vapor pressure is small, the anti-rust period is long, but the induction period is longer. When choosing a gas phase corrosion inhibitor with synergistic effect, the vapor pressure must be considered.

Discussion on the Development and Sustainable Development of VCI Plastic Film

Metal materials are deteriorated and damaged due to chemical or electrochemical interaction with the environmental medium in which they are located. This phenomenon is called corrosion. According to the reaction mechanism of metal corrosion, corrosion can be divided into electrochemical corrosion and chemical corrosion. Electrochemical corrosion refers to the damage caused by the electrochemical interaction between the metal surface and the ion-conducting medium; chemical corrosion refers to the damage caused by the pure chemical interaction between the metal surface and the non-electrolyte. Among them, electrochemical corrosion is the most common and common corrosion, because as long as there is condensed water in the medium that composes the environment, metal corrosion will proceed in the form of electrochemical corrosion.
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