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Our company is a manufacturer of customized packaging plastic products with more than ten years of industry experience, mainly producing VCI anti-rust bags, VCI anti-rust boxes, VCI anti-rust paper, EPE pearl cotton, PE packaging.
Vision and goals

Vision And Goals

Corporate culture is the main value that an enterprise believes in. It is something that permeates all activities of the enterprise. It is the virtue of the enterprise. Zuo Mei’s corporate culture is the cohesion of entrepreneurial spirit and the life of corporate development and inheritance.


corporate vision

Use character to make products, use quality to build brand, serve customers with integrity, benefit the land and water of one party, and make Zuomei employees a success.


Enterprise's goal

Committed to the intelligent transformation and upgrading of packaging equipment.


Business philosophy

A win-win situation for customers, enterprises and society. 



Security concept

Quality is the life of an enterprise, safety is the life of employees, and the responsibility for safe production is more important than Mount Tai. 


Production view

The work is meticulous, the actions are standardized, no defects are produced, and no defects are transmitted.


Talent view

Talent is the capital of an enterprise, people-oriented, to achieve a win-win situation for both enterprises and individuals.

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